The wait!


So this blog post has been a long time coming! I thought we would write on our blog every other week, that would be realistic. Turns out that being realistic in our case means blogging every fourth month :)

I will try to update you on our situation and what has been going on the last couple of month and also why we haven’t left Copenhagen, yet!

Three month and six weeks has gone by since the last blog post. We’ve spent our time on LEOLEO and participated in the kids fair CIFF Youth for the very first time. We got an amazing feedback and got the impression that both people and buyers like what we do! Turns out there should be plenty of room for us in a world with many many other children's brands. The exact day after the three day fair, we moved from our home into a rental apartment near by. We’ve sold most of our belongings and been living in boxes.

The last six weeks Emil has been in school to get his big drivers license. I have been home with both kids, full time, everyday. Did I mention we live in a rental city apartment, 50 sqm on the third floor.

Finally, in a couple of weeks Emil will be entering the highly prestige club of people who drives huge cars, the club of Truckers!

So here we are now, still waiting for the last drivers test (he passed the theory task last week) and then the drivers license are in the bag (I write sweating)!

Honestly it’s been some tough months and the energy level way low, but to get where you want to go you sometimes need to go cross some high mountains and rocky roads.

(Starting to sound like a good old country song, but i guess they knew what they were singing about).

We decided to take our three year old boy out of the kindergarten and our smallest, Hilma has never been in daycare. Not because the institution don’t have it’s qualities, but because we as parents want something else. We want a life with our children every day. It shouldn’t sound holy, because which parent doesn’t want that. But we have actively decided to do it, with all that it implies. We are really looking for a life at a good pace and with independence. A life where we are the adults who see our children, and to follow their development every day.

Meanwhile we’ve been so lucky to borrow a summerhouse of dear family up North and it has literally saved our lives. Now we can begin everyday with a walk by the sea or a trip to the forest midday, when the kids are still filled with energy but we’re not. The forest is kind of like a nature-nanny, and the kids love her!

The whole point of choosing to live in a bus, was exactly to have the life where everyday could be spent in nature or near the ocean, not to be jammed up in a miniature apartment in the city, where the pollution is high and places often overcrowded. We’ve lived in the city all our lives, but don’t really use it anymore. Eating out on restaurants, shopping facilities just don’t rock our worlds anymore. So being stuck in our little city apartment with the kids has been really hard (oh I mentioned that already… damn it almost killed us). No seriously my health got on the line and we had to elope to the summerhouse and get some rest, calm and fresh air.

So status regarding the bus is that we’ve never been closer to get her rolling and even though it has been hard to get here, we are finding the struggle kind of uplifting. We chose it ourselves so we can’t get all wheepy and moody. We have to get up and continue. (My doctor would tell me to lay down, but I’m just going for a walk in the forest and eating a lot of apples).

Anyway we’ve decided to sell our studio and showroom, which is also located in the city. As we’re starting a life on wheels we figured that our business also needs to be that! Meaning it wouldn't make any sense to have a stationary location for our business, when we have no idea where we are going to end up.

The good thing about this is, that it will be a way to financially set us free for at least a year (that being if we continue to live like we do now, no overpriced coffees to-go or eating out on fancy restaurants, but I’ll guess they will always be there, when one day we can afford it).

The downside is that we can’t really move before we sell it! We have to sell it ourselves, since the real estate agent would rip us apart, so now we’re also turning into real estate sales agents. Haha ..Oh ma Gawd we have so much to do!

But let me just tell you. If you have a wish to do something like what we’re doing, it doesn't have to be this complicated!:-)

We just couldn't be fine with a regular autocamper, it had to be a veteran bus in which you need the big drivers license to drive. And I mean you don’t also have to start your own business and being full time with both kids. I’m sure this dream comes in many variations.

I love that many of you (instagram friends) has encouraged me to get moving on writing this post! Thank you so much for your love and support!! Oh and please just ask if you have any questions?

Now the most exciting times begins - the bus conversion!

Xx Emil & Josefine


Emil Ekstrand