Saying it out loud!


We are moving to Portugal!! It’s an amazing feeling to say it out loud and we are currently telling it to everyone we meet. Mostly because it simply just feels good, but maybe also unconscious because we are still a little afraid it will not happen. Everything can possible still go wrong and we meet with many, what if’s?

What if you don’t like it? What if you regret? What if your dream about LeoLeo fails? What about your children? Will they thrive? You can’t speak the language?

Oh yes! The questions are many when you tell family and friends that the time has come to try something new!

Fortunately, there is also a kind of new beginning on the way! Some of the people you didn’t think dreamed about the same suddenly appears in the light. Friends who share their dreams, dream about buying houses in Portugal and dreaming of another life than their current situation.

New acquaintances also appear across borders and it turns out that there are others like us! Some who has already done it and to our great joy survived everything.

Our apartment is sold -all we need now is the paperwork and then it’s definitely! In two months, it’s the final goodbye to our apartment and most of our things.

How do you say goodbye to the home where both your kids walked there first steps, (okay Hilma can’t walk yet, but at the pace she has, she walks before we leave).

And how do you explain your three-year-old son that we have to move and that some of the toys can’t come along?

All the feelings associated with a "goodbye" can be quite tough and if we think too much about these kinds of memories, it will inevitably be very difficult to leave.

So we decided not to do that!

Instead, we’ll make the best memories of the next two months on how we as a family said goodbye to make room for our new life (with very few things).

Which leads us to the next topic "throw things out".


To be continued...