Sunshine in sight!

We are a Danish family from Copenhagen in which we have lived throughout our lives. 33 years to be exact. The last couple of years we’ve learned a lot as a family. Making two babies and starting a business, we have found that we love spending a lot of time together, creating and developing things together.

We share many dreams and one of them, is to live a simpler life than we do today.

A dream of living by the sea, under warmer skies and to be together with our two small children everyday. A dream of trying something different, learn a foreign language, eat new foods and to learn how to surf. A dream of creating something for ourselves, to start a business and dare to live life as entrepreneurs.

We have many dreams, but the biggest of them all is to have outlived them, before it’s too late!

So we’ve decided to do it! We are going to sell everything and move to Portugal!


We know that big dreams don’t often come along without sacrifices and for us it’s about sacrificing the most basic and comforting things of the everyday life as a family. It’s about the elementary, reassuring and material everyday needs such as our home, things and jobs. It’s about making it possible financially.

We are going to sell our apartment in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Unfortunately, it's not a big house in a rich neighborhood we’re selling. It’s a small city apartment, but it will give us enough money to start living abroad and also to use for our business.

Because to make our dreams come true we need money. We will sort out all our belongings, give all our stuff to friends and sell what’s rest of it on local flea markets.


Knowing we’re probably not the only people in the world to have such dreams, we’ve decided to share our journey on our Leo Leo journal! 

We are going to make a series of blog posts on how we are going to make all this happen. Most of the things we feel certain about, the decision to actually do it, is certain.

It's all the other things, all the things we do not know, practical things, financial concerns and unforeseen obstacles.

All the things that ultimately makes it all too hard to realize one’s dreams.


We really hope you want to follow our journey and read along?! You are also very welcome to comment or contact us if you have any suggestions, good advices, places to see - or just by any chance have a property in Portugal we can borrow ;-)

In the next post we’ll get a little closer to the more essential questions such as:

When? Where? What? Why?


Later we will talk a little about planning, preparation, sorting of things, finding a home and of course much more.


See you later!

Emil & Josefine





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