Home is where you park it!

The planning of our trip has begun. Our apartment has sold and many of our things are already in boxes. Our life as we know it is about to change.

Our main plan is to take a road trip through Europe and begin our journey in the North of Portugal. Then going south near Algarve to celebrate Christmas and New Years eve.

Finding the perfect place to live in Portugal should be easy right! Amazing beaches everywhere, great architecture, nature, cities and places to see and stay!

We’ve used several month on finding rentals, spoken to Airbnb, brokers, locals and friends. Many good options has come along, luxurious apartments, crappy apartments, with furniture and without. But in most cases a good location comes with a higher rent, and dreamy locations (beach view) comes with an impossible price, for us at least.

We’ve been back and forth in our minds, what and how do we get the life that we really really want to live? That dream of living by the sea, morning surf sessions,, kids playing in the sand, us sharing a cup of joe while the sun rises? ..On a budget?

So this is where we introduce you to the Scania bus! A swedish masterpiece from 1963. Used by the swedish civil defense and after completion of military service, now rolling as a fully equipped bus camper.

We have decided to buy this bus and Emil is going to pick it up next week. 700 kilometres away from our home, stands our new home for the next year!

We are not only going to transport ourselves in a bus, we are going to eat, sleep, work and live in a 11 meters long bus.

As I’m writing this i almost can’t believe what I’m hearing! And at the same time I’ve never felt more alive, more eager and excited! The feeling of freedom is running through my body like the feeling of being in love. It’s hard to describe, but it’s the most happy blog post I’ve ever written.

Of course in a year we might have another perspective on the bus life, but until that we’re just going to ride on the positive and naive love-vibe that runs in this house!

So just to clear up some minor what if’s? And wtf’s?

Emil has been working as a mechanic for twelve years, so he’s a pretty good person to have on board if something should get tricky along the way. Let’s face it, it’s an old lady we’re going to be driving. Also the bus really needs some love, inside and out, but this is the part we enjoy the most!

Can’t wait to share more about our soon to be #travellingfamilyinabus

Here she is -Please welcome her!