This is a #ikeahack too good not to share!

When living in a small apartment with a shared bedroom you have to be able to make some customized solutions in order to make room for everybody in the family. After making a bed for our toddler boy (see previous post here). We still felt a little cramped at night because our boy don’t sleep through the hole night but get up and come in to our bed. It’s all fine, but the fact that we’re now four people in the family (and bed) was starting to get a little too cramped.

We’ve saved the leftovers of the old IKEA bed used as a gitter for the toddler bed and made a little side bed for our baby girl. Using the Sniglar crib from IKEA made in 100% beech wood which has a beautiful light color. Get it here

All we used was a saw, wood glue and screws –and half a day! But seriously it’s really recommendable with a side bed wether you buy one or make it yourself!

It’s so much easier to breastfeed at night and co-sleep without having to worry about mash or push your baby.

Emil Ekstrand